St. Louis Hills & Pueblo Solis

My idea of a perfect weekend generally includes some sort of brunch. Recently, I found myself on the last day of a great weekend and needed to add brunch to make it perfect.
IMG_5688But it was hot! So hot I felt I was in Mexico. Mexico in turn, made me immediately crave the savory flavors chipotle peppers and tequila. Bingo! I remembered that Pueblo Solis, one of my all time favorite go-to restaurants was now open for Sunday Brunch.  They have been open for brunch on special occasions in the past, but this year they are going to be serving brunch for the rest of the Summer. Do yourself a favor and check them out. Seriously, what better way to close out a weekend then with a Mango-Orange Mimosa?

Pueblo Solis is located on Hampton Avenue, the eastern border of the St. Louis Hills neighborhood.  The neighborhood is further bordered by Jamieson, Loughborough and the city limits on the south/southwest, and Chippewa Street – part of historic Route 66 on the north/northwest.

IMG_5719St. Louis Hills is home to two large parks. Francis Park is nestled in the center of the neighborhood.  The land for this 60-acre park was donated to the city in 1917 by David Rowland Frances, a former mayor of St. Louis and governor of Missouri.  IMG_5713The park is widely used year-round.  It’s home to the popular Art in the Park and Gateway Cup annually and during the summer months you can IMG_5714enjoy an outdoor free movie at Lanai Coffee. A nice touch to movie night – at least for my wife Debbie – was the presence of Kat’s Closet mobile boutique.  Coffee, a comedy, and new clothes. It was a great, and an almost free night.

Willmore Park is the neighborhood’s larger park located along River Des Peres.  With internal vehicle access the park has a completely different feel than the pedestrian-only Francis Park.  Here you will find just about everything for an outdoor enthusiast.  There are lakes for fishing, a disc golf course, softball fields, tennis courts, a roller hockey rink, and walking trails.  Not to forget our 4-legged family members, you will also find the South West City DogPark for some off lease fun with friends.  I took my girls, Bitsy and Ginger, to the park for a trial run.  I think they may be a bit too old for that kind of adventure.  Ginger took no time finding the nearest bench to relax and watch the other dogs play.

For SaleSt. Louis Hills has some of the most picturesque homes in the city. Here you will find unique brick gingerbread bungalows alongside Art Deco duplexes and apartments. Stained glass windows, glass blocks, turrets and portholes are abundant. South of Francis Park, the homes have a more suburban  style with large yards and attached garages. Here’s a sample of listings from of 6/30/16. Contact me to find out more about what’s currently available.

Any discussion of the St. Louis Hills neighborhood would be incIMG_5846omplete without mention of Ted Drewes Frozen Custard. The Chippewa location is often thought of as the ‘flagship’ location however, the first Ted Drewes store opened on Natural Bridge Road in 1930. That location has since closed.  The second location on South Grand was opened in 1931 and finally, the Chippewa store in 1941.  Ted Drewes is a St. Louis institution and was one of the local favorites locations for St. Louis’ Cakeway to the West 250th birthday celebration in 2014. When it’s too cold for custard, the store remains a favorite location to purchase live christmas trees.




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Kirk is a realtor with RE/Max Results. His love of all things St. Louis makes him the perfect source to find your ideal home.
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