It is Spring already, isn’t it? Tips for an Indoor Egg Hunt

Easter marks the beginning of spring in most places, but unfortunately, the weather doesn’t always cooperate. Right now, Easter Sunday in St. Louis looks dry but a bit on the chilly side.  There’s even a  chance the temps will fall below freezing late in the evening! But just because the weather may not cooperate,  there’s no reason to cancel the egg hunt. You can do an indoor egg hunt for your kids that’s just as much fun as an outdoor one—perhaps even more!

Plenty Of Hiding Places

The benefit of an indoor egg hunt is that it offers a large number of hiding places for eggs. You can spread the egg hunt through various rooms and use the furniture, window sills, and cabinets as hiding places. This could mean the egg hunt takes a lot longer than simply finding eggs spread out in the grass.

Make sure you choose hiding places that are within your shortest child’s reach. The last thing you want is a child trying to climb to reach an egg and having a dangerous fall. Also be sure that the locations are safe and secure, and there is nothing that a child could be hurt on or break.

Make It Part Of The Morning

An indoor egg hunt can be set up in the evening after the kids are in bed, creating a fun Easter morning surprise. Since you don’t have to worry about leaving candy out in the yard overnight, you can use the night before to prepare the hiding places.

And for those with older kids who may be too cool to hunt eggs, you can try a trick my wife’s parents use.  They tape a $5 bill to one or more of the eggs.  Over or near 50 years of age, and my wife and her sisters will still run around like 5-year olds to find the cash!  Use some creativity and you will see that an indoor egg hunt can be a lot of fun for all ages.

So get ready to enjoy a fun Easter no matter what the weather looks like outside!


About Kirk McCullen

Kirk is a realtor with RE/Max Results. His love of all things St. Louis makes him the perfect source to find your ideal home.
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